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Tungsten Alloy in CT Scanner Room

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CT machine is a common medical equipment in modern medicine, which mainly uses X-rays for image diagnosis. For X-rays, effective shielding protection is required to ensure the safety of professional operators and the public. Therefore, each wall and protective door of the medical CT machine room are specially designed.

For example, the ceiling may have tungsten alloy plates, the doors may be made of tungsten alloy plates, and the CT machine may also have tungsten alloy plates, tungsten alloy cylinders and other shielding components. Here, the "possible" reason is that although traditional lead shielding materials are inferior to tungsten alloys in radiation protection (high-density tungsten alloy shields can provide the same energy absorption, but the volume is less than 1/3 of lead) , Its cost is relatively cheaper. However, as the concept of lead-free environmental protection is accepted by more people, in the future, environmentally friendly tungsten alloy shielding materials will be expected to replace lead shielding materials.

At present, CT examination plays a very important role in the screening process of new coronary pneumonia. We all know that there is radiation during CT examination. Some people worry, will waiting in line outside the door for inspection will be affected by radiation? As mentioned at the beginning, the walls and doors of the machine room generally meet the requirements for radiation protection. Therefore, outside the computer room, it is usually not affected.

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