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Tungsten Alloy Turbine Engine

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A turbine engine is a type of internal combustion engine. Often used as an aircraft engine. Its main material is tungsten alloy.

According to the bypass ratio, it is divided into turbofan engine or turbojet engine; in addition, there are turboprop engines (or turboprop engines, turboprop engines, etc.), and similar but used in helicopters. Turbine engines are derived, gas turbine engines used in vehicles, ships, power generation, etc.

All turbine engines have three parts: compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine (that is, the source of the name of the turbine engine). The compressor is usually divided into a low-pressure compressor (low-pressure section) and a high-pressure compressor (high-pressure section). High pressure, low speed airflow to increase engine efficiency. After the airflow enters the combustion chamber, the fuel is injected from the fuel supply nozzle, mixed with the airflow and burned in the combustion chamber. The high-heat exhaust gas generated after combustion will then drive the turbine to rotate, and then with the remaining energy, it is discharged through the nozzle or exhaust pipe. As for how much energy is used to drive the turbine, it depends on the type and design of the turbine engine. Depending on the situation, the turbine will be divided into a high-pressure section and a low-pressure section just like the compressor.

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