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Tungsten Alloy Military Products

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In order to avoid environmental pollution caused by military materials, tungsten alloy military products are gradually replacing lead and depleted uranium for bullets and armor-piercing bullets. In the military field, tungsten alloy military products are gradually becoming popular. Tungsten alloy military products can be made into non-toxic armor-piercing bullets with excellent armor-piercing performance. Tungsten alloy is an ideal material for armor-piercing bullets.


Due to the high hardness and high temperature resistance of tungsten alloys, as early as the 1940s, tungsten alloy military products were widely used in the military field. Today, tungsten alloy military products are widely used in the military field, mainly for bullets, armor-piercing projectiles, warheads, grenades, artillery, tank guns, etc. One of the main uses of tungsten alloy military products is as a kinetic energy armor-piercing warhead to replace depleted uranium. According to the research conducted by military researchers, the reason why depleted uranium has super-high armor-piercing ability is that the depleted uranium projectile will produce adiabatic shearing effect during the armor-piercing process, resulting in sharpening of the material, and the warhead will not be able to penetrate the armor. It is beaten into a mushroom shape to improve armor penetration. Therefore, military researchers believe that if the adiabatic shearing effect of tungsten alloy materials is improved, tungsten alloy can completely replace depleted uranium (depleted uranium will cause serious environmental pollution).


Penetrating bombs play a great role in the military field. The ground penetrating projectile is dropped from a high altitude by a bomber, uses kinetic energy to penetrate the ground, enters an underground bunker, and detonates in the underground bunker, thereby destroying the underground bunker. But the main problem is that when the ground penetrating bomb penetrates the bunker, a lot of heat will be generated on the surface, which affects the penetration of the ground penetrating bomb.


At present, the main tungsten alloy military products are:

*Tungsten Alloy Bullet


*Balance ball on missile plane

* Armour-piercing bullet core

*Kinetic energy armor-piercing bullet

*Armor-piercing bullet


*Rocket parts

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