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Tungsten Alloy Electroplating Process

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The tungsten alloy electroplating process refers to the use of tungsten alloy as a coating material to attach a protective layer on the metal parts by electroplating to prevent corrosion and wear of the metal parts.

The "corrosion" and "wear" of oilfield equipment are known as two world-class problems. About 29,200 oil wells in the country have different degrees of corrosion and wear. With the growth of my country's oil and gas field development years and equipment service life, the situation is getting worse. Tungsten is a rare high melting point metal with high hardness and high density, which is an excellent choice as a coating material. Nowadays, the technical performance of tungsten alloy electroplating has been greatly improved. Its hardness is comparable to that of wear resistance and electroplating chromium, but it is resistant to acid and alkali, and the production cost is low. Moreover, the electroplating solution can be configured according to the specific operation conditions of the oil well, and the corresponding electroplating process can be implemented to meet the needs of the oil well. Work requirements. Under the same environment, the service life of equipment using tungsten alloy plating is several times longer. The reason why tungsten alloy electroplating is so superior is because the coating obtained after tungsten alloy electroplating is a new alloy material, and the plating state is amorphous structure. Tested by the national authoritative department, the alloy has good wear resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, and excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, and has a good bonding force with the base material.

Tungsten alloy electroplating process is a high-tech, with good wear resistance and anti-corrosion performance, no pollution, is a clean process, and the cost is similar to chrome plating, it has application and promotion value not only in the field of petroleum machinery but also in more surface treatment fields .

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