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Magical Material Helps to Store Renewable Energy. Usage of Tungsten Metal May Be Broadened

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It has recently been learned that the colored viscous material developed by the University of Toronto in Canada could pave the way for new, inexpensive storage of renewable energy.


According to recent news, the study found that the material spread to the metal strip and energized, the rate of breaking water molecules than the existing commonly used materials 3 times, and the cost is much lower. Zhang Bo, a visiting researcher at the University of Toronto, said that the magical material he developed is a catalyst that breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen.


The key to the relevant hydrolysis process is the use of relatively inexpensive and abundant tungsten metal. Tungsten itself does not decompose water, but it can change the properties of other components under the action of a catalyst, especially iron-cobalt oxide, making the decomposition of water easier. Moreover, this new material can be made at room temperature and is as easy to use as a sticker.


The researchers said the new gelatinous materials can promote the development of industrial-scale hydrolysis technology. Oxygen as a byproduct is usually released into the atmosphere during the process, and hydrogen is stored. Afterwards, these hydrogen can recombine with oxygen in the fuel cell to generate energy.


Storage has long been a dilemma for the renewable energy sector, and battery technology has failed to provide a cheap and long-term means of storing large amounts of electricity. The advantage of the new technology is that the electricity generated by intermittent renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy can be stored for future indefinite use.


The new colloidal material is the first concrete result of a bionic energy project funded by the Canadian Institute of Advanced Engineering (CIFAR). The project is led by Edward Sargent, a prominent energy expert at the University of Toronto. Research results published in the latest issue of "Science" magazine.


The key to this technology is the use of tungsten metal, tungsten material is expected to broaden the application.

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