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  • Tungsten Metal Processing

    Most tungsten concentrates are processed chemically to ammonium paratungstate (APT). Secondary raw materials like (oxidized) scrap and residues are another important feed for chemical tungsten processing.

  • The Dawn of Tungsten Metal Industry after Difficult Times

    Non-ferrous metal industry, as an important pillar industry of national economic development, has a wide range of terminal demand. Metal products such as copper and aluminum mainly involve infrastructure real estate, automotive home appliances, power cables and other industries

  • The Output of Tungsten Concentrate will be Reduced by More Than 10%. Can the King of War Metal Recover the Price?

    Recently, the China Tungsten Industry Association held a symposium of leaders of tungsten enterprises (groups) in Ganzhou. The meeting unanimously agreed that the participating tungsten enterprises (groups) will jointly maintain the supply order of the tungsten raw material market.

  • Reuse of Refractory Metals such as Tungsten, Molybdenum and Niobium

    Refractory metals such as tungsten, tantalum, niobium, tantalum and molybdenum are extremely important applications in high-tech fields such as atomic energy, aerospace, electronic information and medical diagnosis and treatment involving national security and national economy.

  • Cobalt Metal Replaces Tungsten Copper Expects to Boost 15% AI Chip Performance

    A few days ago, Applied Materials, the world's largest semiconductor equipment manufacturer, said that it is expected to lift the main bottleneck of the wafer process at 7nm and below, and replace the tungsten and copper with cobalt metal.

  • Tungsten,Rhenium and Osmium, "Tough Guys" in Rare Metals

    Rare elements are the general term for the elements in nature, which are sparsely populated, sparsely distributed, and rarely used by humans. They are often used to make special metal materials and are critical materials in the industrial fields of aircraft, rockets, and atomic energy.

  • Output of Ten Non-ferrous Metals Increased Significantly Especially Tungsten and Cobalt

    On the 13th, the 8th meeting of the 3rd Board of Directors of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association was held in Beijing. At the meeting of the Party Committee Secretary and President Chen Quanxun, in 2017, the development of the non-ferrous metals industry showed a pace of growth.

  • Ultra-high-purity Tungsten Metal Sputtering Target

    In the past five years, the contribution rate of China's scientific and technological progress to GDP has increased from 52.2% in 2012 to 57.5%, and the global ranking of national innovation capacity has risen from 20th to 17th. Mechanisms, talents, and finances, like finely-woven neural networks an

  • Magical Material Helps to Store Renewable Energy. Usage of Tungsten Metal May Be Broadened

    It has recently been learned that the colored viscous material developed by the University of Toronto in Canada could pave the way for new, inexpensive storage of renewable energy. According to recent news, the study found that the material spread to the metal strip and energized, the r

  • Super Large Beryllium - Tin - Tungsten Rare Metal Deposits Discovered in Tibet

    According to reports, recently from the China Geological Survey was informed that scientists from the China Geological Survey Chengdu Geological Survey Center in Tibet Himalaya metallogenic belt Zhaxi Kang mine area south of the fault that hole that identifies large gneiss dome structure


tungsten metal

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