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Introduction of TZC Alloy--Molybdenum Titanium Zirconium Carbon Alloy

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Like TZM alloy (molybdenum-titanium-zirconium alloy) and MHC alloy (molybdenum-titanium-zirconium-carbon alloy), TZC alloy (molybdenum-titanium-zirconium-carbon alloy) is also a high-temperature-resistant molybdenum-based alloy, which is widely used in places with harsh working environments.

Molybdenum-titanium-zirconium-carbon alloy, as its name implies, is an alloy composed of molybdenum, titanium, zirconium and carbon. The English name is TZC molybdenum alloys. Generally speaking, the content of titanium is 1.25% (wt), zirconium is 0.15% (wt), and carbon is 0.15% (wt).


It usually has the characteristics of greater high temperature strength, higher recrystallization temperature, lower coefficient of linear expansion, good plasticity, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, shielding effect and electrical and thermal conductivity.

However, in actual production, the performance of TZC alloy changes with changes in factors such as the ratio of raw materials, production technology and process parameters. In the alloy, titanium and zirconium not only play a role of solid solution strengthening, maintain the low temperature plasticity of the alloy, but also form a stable and dispersed carbide phase, which is beneficial to enhance the strength and recrystallization temperature of the alloy.


The production method of TZC alloy is the same as that of TZM alloy. The ingot is made by melting and casting method or powder metallurgy method, and then the required products are obtained by deformation methods such as extrusion, forging and rolling.

Melting and casting molding method: pure molybdenum, titanium powder, zirconium powder and carbon powder are uniformly mixed in a certain proportion, and then melted in an electric arc furnace, and then the molten liquid is poured into a high-temperature resistant model, and then cooled and annealed, and then cut into a shape Products with a desired shape are sufficient.

Powder metallurgy: Molybdenum powder, titanium powder, zirconium powder and carbon powder are uniformly mixed in a certain proportion, and then the product can be obtained by isostatic pressing, sintering, rolling (forging), and annealing.


1. In the electronic and electrical industry, it is used as electron tube cathode, grid, high-voltage rectifier element, semiconductor thin film integrated circuit, etc.

2. In the nuclear industry, it is used as shielding material, support frame, heat exchanger, rail, etc. of nuclear energy equipment.

3. In the aviation industry, it is used as rocket nozzles, gas pipelines, nozzle throat linings, and high temperature resistant parts of aircraft engines.

4. In the mold industry, it is used as a die-casting and extrusion die.

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