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Titanium Alloy in Dental Applications

Among the metal materials used for human hard tissue repair, the elastic modulus of titanium is the closest to human tissue, which can reduce the impact of metal implants and bone Mechanical incompatibility between tissues.

08/ 17 / 2022
Discussion and Application of the Production and Processing of Aviation Titanium Alloy Fasteners(Part 2)

Processing titanium alloy fasteners. Use positive-angle geometry blades to reduce cutting force, cutting heat and workpiece deformation; keep the blade edge sharp, blunt tools are the cause of heat buildup and wear, and easily lead to tool failure.

12/ 30 / 2021
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Discussion and Application of the Production and Processing of Aviation Titanium Alloy Fasteners

Titanium alloy fasteners generally require solution aging heat treatment to ensure that they meet the requirements for shear strength of 660MPa and tensile strength of 1100MPa.

12/ 28 / 2021
Introduction of TZC Alloy--Molybdenum Titanium Zirconium Carbon Alloy

Like TZM alloy (molybdenum-titanium-zirconium alloy) and MHC alloy (molybdenum-titanium-zirconium-carbon alloy), TZC alloy (molybdenum-titanium-zirconium-carbon alloy) is also a high-temperature-resistant molybdenum-based alloy, which is widely used in places with harsh working environments.

07/ 21 / 2021
Using TZM Alloy to Produce Titanium Isothermal Forging Mold Material

Titanium alloy has some special requirements on isothermal forging, for example, there are some special requirements on mold temperature, pressure and dwell time. During isothermal forging the mold temperature should be at 850~950 ℃ and pressure should be control at 100~120 MPa.

06/ 22 / 2020
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