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Extensive Applications of TZM Alloys

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Extensive Applications of TZM Alloys

The advantages of TZM alloy (molybdenum zirconium titanium alloy) make a wide range of applications.

Its good mechanical performance at high temperature and high pressure makes it more used in the military industry, such as gas distribution valve body, rocket nozzle, gas tube, nozzle throat lining in the torpedo engine; and the main axis of platinum rhodium coated mixmixer for the glass furnace on the color imaging tube glass shell production line is to use its corrosion resistance to metal liquid;

TZM alloy (molybdenum zirconium titanium alloy) has a high melting point and can be used as die material for ferrous or non-ferrous metal and perforated heads for seamless stainless steel, such as a copper rotor mold on the engine;

In addition, it is also used as plate as high temperature structural material such as heat insulation screen of high temperature furnace; TZM alloy (molybdenum zirconium titanium alloy) is more used in electronic and electrical industry, such as electronic tube cathode, gate, high voltage rectifier element, semiconductor film integrated circuit, etc

In addition, TZM alloy (molybdenum and zirconium titanium alloy) is also widely used on nuclear energy equipment, such as radiation hood, support frame, heat exchanger, rail strip, etc

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