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New Molybdenum Alloy is Developed in China

Views: 3     Author: Tungsten China     Publish Time: 2015-07-16      Origin: Tungsten China

During the research led by Henan University of Science and Technology, a new molybdenum alloy is sucessfully developed and passed the provincial science and technology appraisal, of which the room temperature strength is more than 1200Mpa, high temperature (1300 ) strength is more than 250MPa, temperature and wear resistance is 5 times higher than pure molybdenum.
Molybdenum is an important strategic metal, molybdenum and its alloys can be used as key components in the aerospace industry, such as the engine nozzle and combustion flame, spacecraft nose cone and nozzles. Compared with the harsh conditions of working, the high temperature  and wear resistant of current alloys is not very good. In support of the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Development and Reform Commission, Henan University of Science and Technology joint industry backbone enterprises and after eight years of research, it has to break through the second phase size control, liquid composite powders - Liquid Doped synthesis, isostatic pressure molding and processing a number of key technology, successfully developed a self-generated nano Al2O3 ceramic particle reinforced high temperature wear molybdenum alloys.
The room temperature hardness of this alloy reaches Hv400, its hard phase alumina particle size is about 500nm, and finely combined with the molybdenum substrate; Hardness under 1300 is greater than Hv330, high-temperature tensile strength is greater than 250MPa, and elongation is greater than 20 %; Al2O3 is added to strengthen the molybdenum substrate, it effectively improved anti-scratch and anti-plowing capability of the molybdenum alloy, and the wear resistance is also greatly improved, high temperature and abrasion resistance of this 0vol% Al2O3 / Mo alloy is 5 times greater than pure molybdenum. The high-temperature hardness, strength and wear resistance of this new moly alloy are superior to conventional TZM alloys and rare earth molybdenum alloy.
A new generation of high temperature resistant molybdenum alloy of the present research project can break the blockade abroad, reduce dependence on imports of high-performance molybdenum alloy products to meet the development needs of the aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics and other industries. Related products has been produced in a number of enterprises, creating value of over 1 billion yuan. Project has more than 20 applications for invention patents, with completely independent intellectual property rights reached the international advanced level.

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