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Brief Introduction of Tungsten Rods

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1. What is tungsten rod?

Tungsten bar is a metal bar made of tungsten powder as the main raw material doped with other elements using high temperature powder metallurgy, through sintering, forging, rotary forging, rolling and polishing.

2. Properties of tungsten rods

The metal W content in the tungsten rod is about 99%, and the surface of the product has a silver-gray metallic luster. Its color changes with the different stages of production: it is shaped by powder metallurgy law tungsten powder, and after shaping, there is a layer of oxide on the surface, showing black; after polishing, the surface shows a silver-gray metallic luster. At room temperature, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high hardness and high melting point. In the case of the same volume, its weight is similar to that of gold, so in the case of gold plating, it is often used by unscrupulous businessmen to replace gold for profit. Note: In the process of transportation and storage, you should be careful about your own safety to avoid unavoidable injury due to its weight.

3. Standard of tungsten rod

The implementation standard of tungsten rod products is: GB/T 4187-2017, and the material and batch number are W1, WAl1, WAl2. Among them, the diameter standard of black tungsten rod and polished tungsten rod: W1 is less than 3.0 and greater than or equal to 0.5; WAl1 is less than 6.5 and greater than or equal to 3.0; WAl2 is less than 20 and greater than or equal to 6.5. The difference is that the allowable deviation of the diameter of the black tungsten rod is ±1.5%, and the allowable deviation of the diameter of the polished tungsten rod is ±1.0%.

4. The use of tungsten rod

Tungsten rods are widely used in various fields. For example: production support lines, lead-in lines, printer needles, various electrodes and quartz furnaces, filaments, high-speed tools, automotive automatic products, sputtering targets, etc. In addition, it is also used in the military field, for example: it is used to replace the explosives dropped by the previous aircraft. The main principle is to put a certain amount of it into the former explosives department, from tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers. Highly target or target area for delivery. The power of a single tungsten rod is enough to penetrate the protective armor of a destroyer and an aircraft carrier, and when a certain number is reached, it can sink destroyers and aircraft carriers.

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