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Recently, the research group of Fang Qianfeng, a researcher at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made significant progress in the development of nanostructured tungsten-based alloys, and successfully prepared high-strength dual-nanostructured tungsten materials.



Potential Shortage of Tungsten Resources is Imminent

Research firm Roskilde recently reported that if no new mine projects are launched in the next few years, China's stricter environmental regulations and the depletion of mine supply may result in a lack of tungsten resources.



Tungsten and Molybdenum Reserves are Highly Concentrated in China

The GF strategy released "A-share evolution", proposing financial supply-side reforms to reshape China's dominant enterprises. Among them, the "non-ferrous metal industry: opportunities for new materials" pointed out that small metal fields (rare earth, tungsten, molybdenum, tin) are important strategic metals.



China Tungsten Market: Opportunities and Challenges Coexist in 2019

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is a crucial year for the fight against pollution and the success of a well-off society.



China 2019 Tungsten Market Analysis and Outlook

In 2019, the steady supply of tungsten in the market will continue. The price of tungsten concentrate is affected by the decline of resource grade, rising cost, increased safety and environmental protection pressure, and the space for decline is small



China's Tungsten Industry Maintains a Stable Operating Situation

China's tungsten industry has generally maintained a stable operating situation. The output continued to grow steadily, the export remained high, the price fluctuated slightly, and the economic benefits of the company continued to improve.



China's Tungsten Industry Condition in 2018

Since 2018, the tungsten industry has generally maintained a stable operation.The output of major products increased steadily. From January to November, the national tungsten concentrate production was 105,000 tons (WO365%), up 2.8% year-on-year;



The China's Tungsten Industry Situation and Market Outlook in the First Three Quarters of 2018

Tungsten industry situationIn in the first three quarters of this year, China's tungsten industry generally maintained a stable operation. The output continued to grow steadily, the export remained high, the price fluctuated slightly, and the economic benefits of the company continued to improve.



China's Tungsten Ore Resource Reserves Increased by 1.4% in 2017

On July 10, the Ministry of Natural Resources held a press conference on the 2017 National Mineral Resources Reserves. At the meeting, in 2017, China's metal minerals found a general increase in resource reserves, of which tungsten ore increased by 1.4%.



October 2017 National Tungsten Import and Export Data of China

Recently, according to the statistics of China Customs, the data of the national tungsten products import and export in October 2017 are as follows:China's tungsten ore imports in October 2017 were 453 tons, down 8.9% from 497.251 tons in September 2017 and 43.11% up from 316.459 tons in September 2

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