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The cemented carbide pulse nozzle is based on the principle of self-oscillation, relying on the self-oscillation chamber of the nozzle itself to convert the continuous jet into a pulsed jet, that is, the jet flows into the water chamber from the different flow in the upper section of the nozzle



Tungsten Carbide Nozzle for Oil Drilling
Carbide nozzle plays an important role in the high-pressure abrasive jet fot oil drilling. It has high hardness, high strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance.



Tungsten Carbide Atomization Nozzle
Carbide atomization nozzle atomization can be divided into pressure atomization, rotating atomization, electrostatic atomization, ultrasonic atomization and bubble atomization.



Carbide Nozzle for Coal Water Slurry
Coal-water slurry is a new coal-based liquid fuel that emerged from the 1970s, consisting mainly of 65% coal, 34% water and 1% chemical additives. Compared with other types of fuel, it has many advantages, such as low sulfur content, high combustion efficiency.
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