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Tungsten Carbide Nozzle for Oil Drilling

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With the development of the petroleum industry and the increasing demand for energy, the technologies related to oil drilling have also been continuously improved. In early oil drilling, mainly manpower impact drills, mechanical drills, rotary drills, etc. were used to drill a certain diameter of cylindrical holes down to the side of a selected surface location to underground oil and gas layers. This type of high-pressure pneumatic drill, submerged hole drill, and cone drill, etc., can be used with cemented carbide ball teeth to achieve the purpose of improving drilling efficiency and prolonging the service life of the drill bit. At present, researchers have conducted in-depth research and found a more effective high-pressure abrasive jet technology to exploit deep and marginal reservoirs. High-pressure abrasive jet is based on high-pressure water jet as a carrier, adding a certain amount of abrasive particles, so that the impact of the jet has been greatly improved, but also makes the rock cutting efficiency has been greatly improved, with a wide range of applications.

It is the cemented carbide nozzle that plays an important role in the high-pressure abrasive jet. It has high hardness, high strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Usually in the process of oil drilling, it is generally in a high confining pressure environment, so the nozzle needs to withstand the high-speed impact of high-pressure abrasive during the working process, and thus it is more prone to wear and failure. Ordinary materials, such as steel nozzles, are prone to thermal deformation or cracking, requiring frequent nozzle changes, which reduces the efficiency of drilling. Especially for deep drilling, it is extremely inconvenient to remove the drill and replace it. In addition, the inlaying of cemented carbide materials at the locations where the nozzles are most likely to wear is also a way to improve the performance of the nozzles and extend their useful life. The cemented carbide nozzle can also improve the nozzle hardness and wear resistance by reducing the grain size of the WC without decreasing the toughness of the material.

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