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Tungsten Carbide Atomization Nozzle

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Carbide atomization nozzle atomization can be divided into pressure atomization, rotating atomization, electrostatic atomization, ultrasonic atomization and bubble atomization. Because of its good atomization effect and wide coverage area, it has a wide range of applications in agricultural production spraying and spraying, dust removal and humidification in industrial manufacturing. Carbide Pressure Atomization Nozzle means that the jet is sprayed from the nozzle at a high speed and suspended in a stationary or low-speed air stream under the action of a liquid high pressure to form an atomization. According to the different structure of the nozzle, it can be subdivided into direct-type nozzle atomization and centrifugal nozzle atomization.

Rotating atomizing nozzle is the principle of the liquid supply to the high-speed rotation center, making the liquid by centrifugal force and aerodynamic action thrown to form the atomization effect. When the liquid flow is small, the centrifugal force is greater than the liquid surface tension, the turntable edge throws a small amount of large droplets and split directly. When the flow and speed increases, the liquid is pulled into a lot of filamentous jet becomes very unstable, the liquid from the edge of the margin after a certain distance due to friction with the surrounding air separation into small droplets. As the flow and speed increase to a certain extent, the formation of liquid film outward expansion becomes thinner, and at the same time with the surrounding air friction and separation of atomization. And static atomization, bubble atomization and ultrasonic atomization are all medium-type atomization nozzle, these nozzles to strengthen the flow of the surrounding air flow, the use of high-speed and even supersonic and low-speed liquid or liquid film contact with each other to produce friction, vibration and the formation of Small droplets. Compared to other types of nozzles, the carbide nozzle eliminates the need for an air compressor to achieve a spray effect, which is generally rounded or fan-shaped. In addition, the atomization nozzle in air conditioning also has a very important role. Its configuration with the air conditioning of the exhaust air on the pipeline, through the atomization of the mist to effectively reduce the air produced during the work of the heat.

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