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Tungsten Heavy Alloy Counterweight

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Because the tungsten alloy weight has high density, high melting point, high hardness, high wear resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high elongation, good machinability, non-toxic and pollution-free, high impact resistance and crack resistance With other characteristics, tungsten alloy weights are widely used in various fields, such as:

Tungsten alloy fishing weights
Tungsten alloy fishing weights are also called tungsten alloy fishing sinkers. Tungsten alloy fishing sinkers can be used in both fresh water and salt water. The only difference is the difference in weight. Tungsten alloy weights can make the sinker sink faster. Normally, choose a lighter weight sinker if possible. This is more conducive to fishing. In freshwater, the weight of tungsten alloy fishing sinkers is 1/8 ounce to 1/4 ounce. Tungsten alloy fishing sinkers must be used with lighter weight fishing lines to improve fishing efficiency. In addition, bait must be used . In deep water, the weight of the tungsten alloy fishing sinker is 3/8 ounce to 5/8 ounce, and it also requires a thick fishing bait and a heavier fishing line. In addition, the tungsten alloy fishing sinker has a higher weight, and its wind resistance is stronger than that of the traditional lead fishing sinker. It is more suitable for fishing in windy days.

Tungsten alloy tennis weight
Tennis weights are accessories that are installed on the edge of the tennis racket to change the balance to improve the player's shot. It is mainly made of non-toxic environmental protection material tungsten alloy. When a player hits the ball, he should try to control the strength of the shot. This is when the ball hits the best hitting point, often in the center of the tennis racket. At the same time, players try to hit the ball with an average force when hitting the ball. No two players can hit the ball with the same strength with the same tennis racket. In addition, since the weight and overall structure of the tennis racket are fixed after it is manufactured, the only thing that can be changed is to change its weight position.

Tungsten alloy golf weights
The golf head is a part of a golf club and includes a golf head body and a welding port provided at the bottom for welding a double specific gravity tungsten alloy weight plate body. The double gravity weight disc body is composed of tungsten alloy weights arranged at the periphery, tungsten alloy weights and metal parts made of the same metal material as the golf ball head body. The body of the dual-gravity weight disc body is welded and welded to the body of the port golf head, and the welded opening of the golf head formed on the ground, the bottom of which is a part providing tungsten alloy. In the case where the gravity and weight are evenly distributed in the golf head, the bottom area and the thickness of the golf head have not changed, so the effect of a low center of gravity and a better balance force can be achieved, thereby greatly improving the stability.

Tungsten alloy ski weights
Tungsten alloy ski weights are widely used on skis. Tungsten alloy ski weights are metal parts used on skis to increase balance weight. The use of tungsten alloy ski weights is for people to get better balance and shock absorption in skiing. To achieve the best performance of skis in alpine skiing. Let people have more fun in skiing. Tungsten alloy ski weights are generally placed in the middle of the skis, which is also needed to balance the conditions. The choice of ski weights can be selected according to the needs of different people and people's balance habits, the purpose is to be stable and comfortable in skiing.

Tungsten alloy marine counterweight
As we know, the keels of large ships today are made of high specific gravity materials, such as lead. However, lead is toxic and pollutes the environment. The tungsten alloy weights have the advantages of high density and non-toxicity, and are widely used in the shipbuilding industry. The tungsten alloy counterweight is installed on the bottom of the keel for weight distribution.

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