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Tungsten Bronze Composite Material Applied for Energy-saving Window

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The tungsten bronze composite material for producing an energy-saving window may be a composite material of tungsten bronze and PNIPAM hydrogel. It is reported that the tungsten bronze and PNIPAM hydrogel can be used to produce an energy-saving window by using the photothermal conversion characteristics of tungsten bronze and the heat-sensitive effect of PNIPAM hydrogel. Well, how does the energy-saving window play a role of transparent heat insulation?

According to the experts, under the sun, the near-infrared light is absorbed by tungsten bronze and converted into heat, causing the temperature of the PNIPAM hydrogel to increase. In this process, the PNIPAM hydrogel undergo a hydrophilic-hydrophobic phase transition, thereby regulating the solar light transmittance. The experts also introduced that such a window made of tungsten bronze composite material can not only respond to temperature, but also respond to sunlight. And it does not require additional heating devices to get energy saving effect.

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