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Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod Process

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Tungsten alloy swaging rods are tungsten alloy products manufactured by forging tungsten alloy rods. After a series of thermomechanical treatments, this kind of bar can greatly improve its mechanical properties and is widely used in military, transportation, medical and other fields.

The current tungsten alloy swaging rods are basically made by traditional powder metallurgy methods, but due to the limitation of the production process, the prepared alloys have high residual porosity and poor mechanical properties. In order to improve the performance of the alloy, repeated heat treatment is required at this time, which will increase the production cost to a large extent and extend the delivery time. In addition, the product size will deviate greatly from the required size of the finished product, and subsequent machining is required, which will also reduce the utilization rate of materials.

In order to make up for the shortcomings of the traditional production process, this article will introduce a new production process for tungsten alloy swaging rods. The specific steps of the process are as follows:

(1) Mixing: Weigh a certain amount of tungsten powder and other alloy powders according to the required process requirements of each component ratio, and place them in the mixer to mix them evenly; 

(2) Forming: Direct the powder in step (1) Place it in a soft mold of a certain specification and form by cold isostatic pressing;

(3) Relieve stress: place (2) isostatically formed bars in a furnace under vacuum protection to eliminate internal stress caused by isostatic pressure; 

(4) High-temperature hydrogen humidification sintering: the stress-relieved (3) bar is placed under the protection of humidified hydrogen and sintered in the high-temperature liquid phase; 

(5) dehydrogenation: (4) the sintered product is placed in a vacuum furnace for high temperature Under vacuum, high temperature dehydrogenation; 

(6) high temperature salt bath quenching: put the bar after dehydrogenation (5) into the salt bath furnace, and then rapidly cool and quench; 

(7) large variable rotary forging: after quenching (6) ) Rods are heated first, and then placed in a swaging machine equipped with a certain specification mold or cavity mold for warm forging; 

(8) Aging: After swaging (7) the bar is placed at a certain temperature for aging .

The tungsten alloy swaging rod prepared by the method has better mechanical properties, higher density, higher strength and lower production cost.

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