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Tungsten Alloy Sheild for Isotope Radiation Protection

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Isotopes are different nuclides of the same element. Their nuclides have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons. In nature, naturally occurring isotopes are called natural isotopes, and synthetic isotopes are called artificial isotopes. Among them, radioactive isotopes are called radioisotopes. The isotope in tungsten alloy isotope radiation protection refers to radioisotope. Each element has a radioisotope. Some radioisotopes are found in nature, and some are artificially produced by bombarding stable nuclei with nuclear particles (such as protons, alpha particles, or neutrons). Radioisotopes are unstable and undergo radioactive decay. When it undergoes radioactive decay, it will emit alpha rays, beta rays, gamma rays, and electron capture, etc., uninterruptedly and spontaneously. These rays have a certain radiation effect on the human body, which will endanger human health to a certain extent, so a tungsten alloy shield can be used to shield these radiations. Generally, the rate of radioactive decay is not affected by the temperature, pressure, and electromagnetic field of the external environment, as well as the state of the element, but only with time. 

The use of radioisotopes is wide. It can be used in radiography technology to display the internal situation of objects in photos; it can also be used in determination technology to determine the age of paleontology and to monitor and control the thickness of materials in the production process. When radioisotopes are used as tracers, they can be used in agriculture, industry, medicine, animal husbandry and biology. For example, the use of radioactive isotope tracers to study the biosynthesis and metabolism of cholesterol, study the structural changes of metals in different smelting processes, diagnose diseases, measure mechanical wear, study the effects of growth stimulatory hormones on crop metabolism and function, and understand the way of fertilization And fertilizer efficiency, analysis of animal life cycle, migration rules, mating and foraging habits, etc. Therefore, it is inevitable that radioisotopes emit radiation. Radiation is inevitable but it can reduce the harm caused by radiation. A tungsten alloy shield is a good choice. 

Tungsten alloy shields are devices used to shield radioactive materials. Can be used in the medical industry, nuclear industry, scientific research departments and other fields, such as radiation shielding of radioisotopes. There are many types of tungsten alloy shields, including tungsten alloy shielded containers, tungsten alloy shielded cans, and tungsten alloy shielded shells. Because the radiation shielding effectiveness of metallic materials increases with the increase in metal density, and tungsten alloys have a high density, tungsten alloy shields have good shielding effectiveness. Moreover, compared with traditional shielding materials (such as lead), tungsten alloys exhibit more environmentally friendly characteristics and are non-toxic, so they will not pollute the environment or endanger human health.

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