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Tungsten Alloy Marine Counterweight

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Tungsten alloy, also known as high specific gravity tungsten alloy, is considered by everyone to be the best material for marine counterweights due to its advantages of higher density, greater tensile strength, and better corrosion resistance. The design purpose of the tungsten alloy marine counterweight is to increase the weight of the entire ship and reduce the center of gravity of the hull, which can effectively avoid the danger of capsizing when the ship is moving in the wind and rain, so that passengers can enjoy the breathtaking and charming charm. Driving experience. How to choose tungsten alloy for marine counterweights?

(1) Choose tungsten alloys according to different weight ships. Tungsten alloy counterweights can be divided into a variety of heavyweight counterweights according to their weight, and the ship should choose a suitable heavyweight counterweight according to its own weight and the weight of passengers. If the tungsten alloy counterweight selected by the ship is too light, the center of gravity of the hull will be higher than the theoretical center of gravity (theoretical center of gravity refers to the center of gravity of the ship when the ship can be stabilized under any circumstances). Sailing boats, on the contrary, if they are too heavy, the boats are easy to sink, which will not only cause property damage, but also bring greater danger to the lives of passengers.

(2) Choose tungsten alloy according to the hull type: for yachts, sailboats, and submarines, they choose different tungsten alloy counterweights. When the external factors and the total weight of the ship are the same, the tungsten alloy selected by the submarine should be the heaviest, because it travels in the water and needs to overcome greater buoyancy; the second is the yacht. Compared with the sailboat, the yacht travels The speed is faster, and the resistance from the outside world needs to be overcome, so the center of gravity must be stable; finally, the sailboat. In addition, for monohull and multihull ships, their requirements for counterweights are also different.

(3) Choose tungsten alloy according to the type of sport: For the same ship of sport competition type and transportation type, their requirements for counterweights are also different. Generally speaking, the weight used for sports and competitive boats is lighter, which makes it easier for the racers to operate and better perform their skills; the boats for transportation type choose heavier weights because it requires The line must be stable.

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