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Tungsten Alloy Crankshaft

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Tungsten alloy crankshaft is an important part of the engine that bears impact load and transmits power. Among the five major parts of the engine, the crankshaft is the most difficult to ensure the processing quality. Due to the harsh working conditions of the crankshaft, the material of the crankshaft and the rough processing technology, precision and surface roughness , Heat treatment, surface strengthening, dynamic balance and other requirements are very strict. If the quality of any of these links is not guaranteed, it will seriously affect the life of the crankshaft and the reliability of the whole machine.

Traditional crankshafts are generally made of medium carbon steel or medium carbon alloy steel. The surface of the journal is high-frequency quenched or nitrided, and the surface hardness and surface roughness are higher after fine grinding. However, in spite of this, the traditional The material crankshaft can no longer meet the rapidly developing crankshaft production and use requirements.

Why choose a high-density alloy crankshaft? High specific gravity alloy crankshaft has the following advantages:

①High specific gravity: The specific gravity of tungsten alloy is as high as 16.0~19.0g/cm3, which is twice that of steel.

②Small volume: The characteristic of high specific gravity determines that the traditional crankshaft of the same weight has a smaller volume compared with the high ratio alloy crankshaft.

③Excellent hardness: The high specific gravity alloy crankshaft has a strength that is difficult to achieve with traditional materials.

④Excellent fatigue resistance: Tungsten alloy material has excellent wear resistance, which is a good property for crankshafts.

⑤Super abrasion resistance: Excellent abrasion resistance is another good property of high specific gravity alloy as a crankshaft.

⑥Excellent seismic resistance: Another excellent feature of high-density alloys, due to higher specific gravity and shock resistance than general materials, makes high-density crankshafts more capable of showing unmatched advantages in harsh working environments.

⑦High temperature resistance: high specific gravity tungsten alloy has a very high melting point (the melting point of tungsten is 3410℃)

Another characteristic of high-density alloy crankshafts is that their specific gravity is higher than other materials. In machinery, ships, aircrafts and other places where counterweight is required but relatively small in volume, high-density alloys are the best materials of choice. ! Therefore, tungsten alloy crankshafts are widely used in some high-performance engines, such as: racing cars, racing boats, boats, automobiles, etc.

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