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Tungsten Alloy Collimator Applied for Nuclear Medicine

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Tungsten alloy collimator provides the perfect solution for radiation shielding and collimation in nuclear medicine. Because tungsten alloy has excellent radiation attenuation properties, such a collimator has a reduced volume than traditional lead collimator, while it can still effectively shield harmful X-ray and gamma radiation.


In pre-molecular imaging, tungsten alloy collimator is used to direct radiation emitted by the subject onto a detector, and to minimize the number of stray photons.


Tungsten alloy collimators include pinhole collimators, parallel hole collimators, and sector collimators.


In a word, the role of tungsten alloy collimator is to absorb part of the gamma rays and reduce the patient's exposure to gamma radiation; to ensure the resolution and accurate positioning of nuclear medicine instruments. That is because the radiation emitted by the patient can enter the crystal only when it enters the collimator vertically, the radiation in other directions is absorbed or blocked.

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