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Tungsten Alloy Balance Weight

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Tungsten alloy balance weight can be simply understood as a weight that is mainly made of metal tungsten material, so it is also called tungsten alloy weight. Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is favored by researchers in military, national defense, aerospace, aviation, navigation, automotive, medical, electronics, petrochemical and other fields.

The properties of tungsten alloy weight

It has the characteristics of non-toxic, high melting point, high density (2 times that of lead), strong rigidity, high hardness, excellent shielding effect and good thermal conductivity. According to different compositions, tungsten alloy products can be divided into tungsten alloy, tungsten-nickel-iron, tungsten-nickel-copper and tungsten-nickel-copper-iron; according to different magnetic properties, tungsten alloy products can be divided into magnetic tungsten alloy and Non-magnetic tungsten alloy.

Production method of tungsten alloy counterweight

(1) Divide the large counterweight into several small counterweights with a weight of less than 50Kg; (2) Prepare the ingredients according to the mass percentage of the following components: tungsten powder 91%-95%, nickel powder 3.50%-75%, iron powder 1.0% ~3.0%; (3) Weigh the three raw material powders, mix them and press them into small counterweight blanks, and then perform liquid phase sintering; (4) Process the sintered small counterweight surfaces that need to be connected to a flat surface. Place one of the small counterweights on the sintering boat, keep the connecting surface horizontal or perpendicular to the sintering boat, and then place the other small counterweight and the two connecting surfaces of the previous small counterweight together. The weight is placed in the same way; (4) Finally, all the small counterweights and the sintering boat are put into the fixed-point hydrogen furnace for liquid phase sintering, and the product can be obtained.

The use of tungsten alloy counterweight

(1) Used in automobiles. Tungsten alloy balance weights have great flexibility in automobile design, and can keep the wheels in dynamic balance under high-speed rotation.

(2) Used in cranes. The use of balance weights in cranes can significantly increase the weight of cranes to lift heavy objects.

(3) Used in machine tools. This can effectively reduce the load of the motor and the screw, and suppress the heating of the motor and the screw, thereby ensuring the machining accuracy and prolonging the life of the corresponding parts.

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