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Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Balance

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Tungsten alloy military aircraft balance pieces are of great significance to the balance, stability and maneuverability of military aircraft. This is because the tungsten alloy military aircraft balancer has the characteristics of high specific gravity, small size, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, good dimensional stability, and long life, so it can ensure that the military aircraft has good stability, Balance, maneuverability and certain safety.

In addition to generating enough lift to balance gravity, having enough thrust to overcome drag, and having good flight performance, an aircraft must also have good stability and maneuverability in order to fly in the air. Because if the balance, stability and control characteristics of the aircraft are not good, this requires the pilot to often spend a lot of energy to correct it, and can not guarantee the flight safety and complete the scheduled task well. Therefore, for a military aircraft with excellent performance, it not only requires its high speed, fast climb, high ceiling, long range, but also its balance and stability are very important, and this requires relying on tungsten alloy military aircraft Balance pieces to achieve.

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