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Manual TIG Welding Process

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Tungsten electrode is an electrode with insoluble metal tungsten as the main raw material and rare earth elements such as cerium and lanthanum as auxiliary materials. It is often used in the welding of pipes, stainless steel products and small precision parts. It should be noted that the color-coded coating heads, properties and uses of tungsten electrode materials doped with different rare earth elements are slightly different. For example, the color-coded coating head of cerium tungsten electrodes is gray, which is characterized by low combustion rate and low evaporation rate. and long welding life, etc., suitable for direct current or alternating current welding; the color-coded coating head of lanthanum tungsten electrode is black, golden yellow and sky blue, characterized by good ductility, creep resistance and mechanical cutting properties, suitable for Used in AC welding. The following will introduce the specific steps of a manual TIG welding process:

(1) Preparation before welding: select the appropriate cerium tungsten electrode and welding wire according to the size of the weldment, and clean the welding wire and weldment;

(2) Test welding machine: Before the formal operation, perform a load check on the equipment through short-term welding to check whether the gas circuit and electrical system are working normally;

(3) Determine the welding process parameters: according to the size of the weldment, determine the diameter and extension length of the cerium tungsten electrode, the diameter of the welding wire, the welding current, the flow of argon gas, the number of welding layers and the welding angle;

(4) Welding: straighten the weldment for welding, and select the welding method (bottom welding and/or cover welding) to weld the weldment according to the weldment and process;

(5) Cleaning after welding: After the welding is completed, the workpieces to be welded shall be cleaned up as necessary, placed in the specified area, the gas circuit and power supply shall be turned off, and the operation site shall be cleaned up.

The argon tungsten arc welding process has the characteristics of short process flow, simple process, convenient operation and easy for operators to master.

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