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Factors Affecting the Quality of Cast Iron Manhole Cover

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1.Technical planning of cast iron manhole cover. When planning, in addition to determining the shape and size of cast iron parts based on working conditions and metal data functions, the rationality of planning must also be considered from the perspective of forged alloys and forging technical characteristics, that is, significant scale effects and condensation , Shrinkage, stress and other problems to prevent or reduce the occurrence of defects such as segregation, deformation, cracking and other components of the cast iron parts.

2. Have reasonable forging technology. That is, according to the structure, weight and size of the cast iron manhole cover, the characteristics of the forged alloy and the production conditions, select the appropriate parting surface and appearance, core making method, and reasonably set the forging bars, cold iron, riser and pouring system. To ensure excellent cast iron manhole covers.

3. The quality of the original materials for forging. The quality of materials such as metal charge, refractory materials, fuel, flux, decay agent and forged sand, molding sand binder, paint and other materials are not up to standard, which will cause defects such as porosity, pinholes, slag inclusions and sand stickiness in the cast iron manhole cover, affecting the cast iron manhole cover The appearance quality and internal quality will make the cast iron manhole cover obsolete when severe.

4. For technical operation, it is necessary to formulate reasonable technical operation regulations, improve the technical level of workers, and enable the technical regulations to be accurately implemented.

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