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Cemented Carbide Round Cutting Blade

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Carbide round inserts, also known as carbide round inserts, in a broad sense refer to the general term for all circular slitting inserts made of carbide. The quality of the round blade directly affects the quality and efficiency of the processed product. Therefore, in order to improve product quality and production efficiency, it is necessary to increase the service life of the blade to reduce the number of manual disassembly and installation and debugging, that is, to have a good round blade. In this regard, experts say that sharp, wear-resistant and durable carbide round inserts are the best choice.

There are different classifications of carbide circular blades, such as flat circular knives, toothed circular knives, or large circular knives, small circular knives, and so on.

Carbide round blade is an indispensable tool accessory in modern industrial processing and production. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for aluminum foil slitting, copper foil slitting, gold foil slitting, silver foil slitting, tape slitting, and coil slitting. , Film slitting, non-woven slitting, web slitting, etc.

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