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What are Cemented Carbide Seals?

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Cemented Carbide Seals is an alloy material made by powder metallurgy process of Refractory metals hard compounds such as tungsten carbide (WC) powder and bonding metals such as cobalt (Co) powder. It is a key component used in various sealing systems.

According to different designs, there are many structural forms of hard alloy seals, such as single ring seals, double ring seals, and multi ring seals, with slight differences in their application locations.

Generally speaking, cemented carbide seals have the following characteristics:

High hardness: Due to the high hardness of tungsten (Vickers hardness of about 3430MPa, Brinell hardness of about 2570MPa), it endows tungsten carbide seals with good wear resistance and can withstand high pressure and wear. This means that the seal can meet the sealing requirements of high viscosity media such as hydraulic oil.

Wear resistance: Tungsten cemented carbide seals have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, that is, they can be used for a long time in environments with friction, relatively high temperatures, and corrosive liquids, which can reduce the loss of seals and maintenance costs.

Impact resistance: The sealing surface of cemented carbide seals has excellent impact resistance, which can effectively prevent fluid or gas leakage and loss in the system, and improve the safety of the equipment.

Tungsten carbide seals are widely used in various high-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosive environments due to their excellent physical and chemical properties. It is mainly applied in industrial fields, such as oil and gas extraction, chemical industry, aerospace, etc. Specifically, it is mainly used in various sealing systems, including valves, pipelines, pumps, and other rotating equipment.

It should be noted that the specific design and application of cemented carbide seals may vary depending on the actual usage environment and requirements. Therefore, when selecting and applying hard alloy seals, it is recommended to consult professional engineers or suppliers to ensure the selection of appropriate materials and designs to meet specific application requirements.

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