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A list of these tungsten copper articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional tungsten copper, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
Finding suppliers for specific materials can be a bit challenging, especially since my knowledge only goes up until September 2021 and I can't provide real-time updates. However, I can guide you on how to search for copper tungsten suppliers



The Properties of Tungsten Copper
Tungsten copper alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and copper. The copper content of commonly used alloys is 10% to 50%. The alloy is prepared by powder metallurgy and has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good high temperature strength and certain plasticity.



Tungsten Copper Rod
Tungsten copper rod is a composite material refined by the process of static pressing, high temperature sintering and copper infiltration by utilizing the excellent metal properties of high-purity tungsten powder and the plasticity and high conductivity of high-purity copper powder.



Tungsten Copper Tube
Tungsten-copper alloys are pseudo-alloys of refractory metals, so tungsten-copper alloys can only be produced by powder metallurgy. The manufacture of tungsten copper tube is a bigger challenge in production process.



Tungsten Copper Electrode
Tungsten copper alloy combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, high hardness, high melting point, high strength, high specific gravity, high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, easy cutting, anti-adhesion, and has the characteristics of sweating and cooling



Tungsten Copper Alloy Plate
Tungsten-copper alloy material has the advantages of both tungsten and copper. Tungsten is resistant to high temperature (greater than 3000 degrees) and is therefore resistant to burnout.



Analysis of Tungsten Copper Contacts
Like tungsten silver (WAg) contacts, tungsten copper (WCu) contacts are a typical tungsten contact. Since both tungsten silver and tungsten copper contacts are based on refractory metal tungsten, their physical and chemical properties, production methods and uses are basically similar.



How to Improve the Performance of Tungsten Copper Alloy
The improvement of the performance of tungsten-copper alloy is a concern of modern manufacturers. The alloy is a uniformly mixed structure of two-phase monomers of tungsten and copper. It is neither miscible nor intermetallic. It is a typical pseudo alloy.



Tungsten Copper for Low Voltage Electrical Contacts
Tungsten-copper alloys can be used in many electrical appliances due to their high melting point, high conductivity, and good ablative resistance.



Study on Nano Tungsten Copper Alloy Electrode
The powder particle size and uniformity of tungsten powder and copper powder will affect the sintering effect of tungsten-copper alloy electrode to a certain extent. The reduction of powder particle size will make the comprehensive properties of materials such as density, hardness etc.
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