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Tungsten Copper for Low Voltage Electrical Contacts

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Tungsten Copper for Low Voltage Electrical Contacts

1. Automotive electrical contacts

Current automotive electrical contacts are generally cut and brazed with pure tungsten rods. If placed for a long period of time, an oxide layer on the surface of the tungsten sheet will be generated, resulting in the failure of automotive electrical appliances. The tungsten copper alloy rods ensure that the contacts have good conductivity and resistance. The comprehensive performance of arc ablation and oxidation resistance.

2. Discharge panel for medical equipment

The high-voltage and high-current discharge electrodes in the human body stone crusher, pulse ray generator and other equipment are made of tungsten-copper alloy and copper, which not only ensures the good conductivity and arc ablation resistance of the electrode, but also solves the problem of the electrode Connection problem.

3. Overall electrical contacts

At present, the commonly used arc contact fingers of 380V contactors, switches, etc. use copper sheets and contacts to be connected by brazing, and the brazing layer often melts due to high temperature during the use process, resulting in a U-turn phenomenon. The integrated arc contact fingers made of tungsten and copper by the integral sintering method solve the above problems and reduce the production process.

4. Other applications

Tungsten-copper alloys can be used in many electrical appliances due to their high melting point, high conductivity, and good ablative resistance.

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