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Tungsten Carbide Blades Introduction

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Tungsten Carbide blades are known for being sharp and durable. They are wear-resistant, and can be used in a variety of industrial applications where extremely sharp cutting instruments are needed. For example, carbide blades are well suited to cutting reflective materials for plotting and sign making. Although prone to chipping and breakage, when these pitfalls are avoided with the proper engineering, tungsten carbide blades can sustain significant industrial stresses.


Tungsten carbide is less brittle than other metals, and thus can withstand the rigors of constant use easily. At Specialty Blades, we manufacture carbide blades and tungsten carbide blades for a variety of industries. No matter what your application, chances are carbide blades are appropriate for you needs.


In fact, switching from blades made of other materials, such as titanium, carbon steel, and aluminum, to tungsten carbide blades may actually increase productivity. By handling tough jobs with ease, carbide blades can increase productivity by 10 or 20 percent in some industries. Some factories have found that although tungsten carbide is often more expensive, its durability and ability to withstand pressure makes the extra cost worth it.


At Specialty Blades, we are adept at crafting superior tungsten carbide blades as needed. Tungsten carbide can be treated with cobalt to produce certain characteristics. The more cobalt in the metal, the more shock resistant. While less cobalt will result in a more wear-resistant metal. Our application engineers are experienced at helping clients find the right blades for their needs.

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