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Tungsten Alloy Front Collimator for CT Machine

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The tungsten alloy front collimator is located in front of the X-ray tube of the CT machine. It has the characteristics of high density, smooth surface and good dimensional accuracy. The tungsten alloy front collimator is the first component through which X-rays pass, and is mainly used to select the layer thickness of X-rays. The thickness of the scanning layer is controlled by controlling the width of the X-ray beam in the direction parallel to the long axis of the human body. The X-rays emitted from the X-ray tube are tapered, and only after passing through the slit-shaped tungsten collimator can a thin beam be obtained.

In recent months, CT machines have been mentioned and used more frequently due to the prevalence of new coronavirus pneumonia. However, CT uses accurate collimated X-ray beams to achieve cross-sectional scanning. X-rays are radiant. In order not to expose the patient to excessive radiation, the CT machine and the entire computer room are treated with radiation protection. For example, the tungsten alloy front collimator, its role is not only in the above mentioned parts, it can also achieve good radiation shielding effect, because tungsten alloy is a new type of environmental protection radiation protection material, compared with traditional lead, its The radiation absorption ability is stronger, so the application is wider, and therefore, it is very likely to replace the application of lead in the medical field.

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