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Tips to Load the Wire-Cutting Molybdenum Wires

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As the first and most important procedure of EDM wire cutting, here're some useful tips for loading the wire cutting molybdenum wires:

1. Keep certain tension during the loading. To hold the molybdenum wire wheel and keep tension during the loading is important. The wires will be messed up or slide out of the guide wheel without tension. 

2. Put the wires into the guide wheel. The well loaded wires should be into the guide wheel to avoid friction with the machine frame which may cause damage to the machine frame and lower the usage life of molybdenum wires. 

3. Ensure the wire length is enough. During the wire cutting the wire reel keeps reciprocation so width of the loaded wires should be at least half of the reel width. 

4. Keep the wires straight to the working platform. After the wire loading we should adjust and fix the straightness of the wires to the working platform. Usually we use some small tools, such as squares, cylindrical or hexahedral foot. Take the working surface as the testing basis and visually check the straightness. 

5. Re-tension after wire loading. Most EDM machines have molybdenum wire tension equipment. If your machine doesn't have it, you should tension the wire with handwheels before working. 

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