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Production of Tungsten Cobalt Titanium Cemented Carbide

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Tungsten-titanium-cobalt cemented carbide (YT cemented carbide) is an alloy material composed of tungsten carbide powder (WC powder), titanium carbide powder (TiC powder) and metal cobalt powder (Co powder). , high density, high hardness, good wear resistance, excellent red hardness and strong oxidation resistance and other characteristics, often used to make knives, suitable for processing tough materials such as steel. However, the currently produced YT-type cemented carbides have certain deficiencies, such as poor wear resistance, which leads to the fact that the manufactured inserts are prone to wear and burn during use. In order to solve the above problems, the researchers  provide a new preparation method, and the specific operations are as follows:

First, compound carbide (WC-Ti), cobalt powder and tungsten carbide powder into a mixture according to certain requirements. After wet grinding in a ball mill for 70 to 73 hours, the material is discharged, and then precipitated for 24 hours. After drying and 100 mesh vibrating sieve , the process of adding molding agent, pressing, removing molding agent and sintering at 1470-1480 ℃, the desired target product can be obtained.

Matters needing attention in this production technology: the weight ratio of TiC and WC in the compound carbide is 30:70-40:60, and it is characterized in that: the content of Ti is 4.8-5.3wt% and the content of Co is controlled at 9.0-10.0 wt%, and select 1.2-1.8μm and 6-8μm WC powders in a weight ratio of 80:20-60:40.

The advantage of this production technology is that it can improve the hardness of the cemented carbide without reducing the toughness of the cemented carbide, and solve the problems of excessive wear of the alloy blade and easy burning of the blade during use.

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