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Molybdenum Wire Life Extension Method

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Pure molybdenum wire is used for winding wire cores, brackets, lead wires, heating elements, molybdenum foil tapes, and auto parts spraying. Molybdenum wire is used to wind wire core glass seals, as well as molybdenum foil strips and wire cutting high temperature components. Molybdenum wire life extension method is as follows.

Molybdenum wire itself will be damaged at the same time each time it discharges from the workpiece, but only to a small extent. Therefore, after replacing the new molybdenum wire, it is better to cut it with a small energy processing parameter (make it less damaged), and wait until After the molybdenum wire is completely white in color, it is switched to normal high current. Before switching molybdenum wire for cutting, it is better to let the molybdenum wire run for 5-10 minutes to release its internal stress.

When the wire cutter breaks the wire, most of the breakages are within ten to several tens of turns after the reeling of the package. The molybdenum wire at both ends of the head is very easy to tear. The solution is to remove the forward and reverse stroke switch control block of the wire barrel outward or inward for a certain period of time.

Store the molybdenum wire in a cool, well-ventilated, cool place. Keep the temperature as low as 20 °C to 25 °C to avoid oxidation of the molybdenum wire. If the molybdenum wire is left for more than 6 months, the problem of poor verticality may occur. Before use, check whether the package has been deformed and damaged.

From the use of speaking, molybdenum wire is easy to deformation and fracture, do not avoid bending the molybdenum wire when loading silk, if you accidentally bend, you must cut off the bend in order to avoid breakage during processing, when processing The precautions such as the landlord said, plus a line of cutting fluid will also directly affect the performance of molybdenum wire, cutting fluid will turn black after long-term use, to a certain time when the time to replace the cutting fluid.

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