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Molybdenum TZM Alloy Hot Runner System

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Hot runner injection molding is a method of obtaining various plastic products by high-pressure injection of molten plastic material in a hot runner into a mold cavity, cooling and solidifying. Hot runner injection molding has the advantages of high production speed, high efficiency, various shapes of production products, accurate dimensions, etc., and is widely used to prepare plastic parts with complex shapes. Injection molding is suitable for the molding and processing of mass production and complex shapes. Hot runners are widely used in injection molding, and titanium-zirconium-molybdenum is the most common material in the preparation of hot runners. Because TZM alloy has good high temperature performance, corrosion resistance and processing mechanical properties, it can meet the requirements of long-term use of hot runner at high temperature, and can be made into different shapes of hot runners and nozzles used in hot runner systems.

The hot runner, as a common part of the injection mold system, is to ensure that the plastic of the runners and the gates is kept in a molten state by heating, and generally the runners do not need to be opened to remove the aggregates after being stopped, and only the runners need to be heated when the inverter is turned on. The required temperature can be. Hot runners are generally divided into open and needle valves.

The TZM Hot Runner System has the following advantages:

1: The titanium-zirconium-molybdenum hot runner can maintain high-temperature melting plastics for a long time, which is favorable for pressure transmission. The pressure loss in the flow channel is small, the plastic fluidity is good, the temperature is relatively uniform, so the internal stress of the product is small, and the deformation is reduced. The surface quality and mechanical properties of the product will be greatly improved; at the same time, the pressure holding time will be longer and more effective, reducing the shrinkage of plastic parts;

2: Elimination of all or most of the flow path waste, the effective utilization of materials is high;

3: Shorten the molding cycle, open the mold stroke and improve the production efficiency;

4: The titanium-zirconium-molybdenum hot runners do not need to be stripped in the runners and are automatically shut off the gates, which can increase the degree of automation;

5: Reduce injection pressure, help to protect the mold and prolong service life.

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