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Molybdenum Steel

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Molybdenum Steel

Molybdenum steel is a high-strength alloy used in a variety of industries. Steel alloys made with molybdenum are not only stronger and harder, but they are also highly resistant to heat and corrosion. Electronics, heavy machinery parts, tools and aircraft parts are often manufactured from molybdenum-containing steel alloys.

Molybdenum's unique properties make it useful in steel alloys. Molybdenum has strong heat resistance, can withstand extremely high temperatures, and has a particularly high melting temperature, and it is also a good thermal conductor. Molybdenum steel alloys retain their strength when heated and are not prone to expansion, softening or deformation. Tools and parts exposed to extreme friction are often made from these alloys.

Steels made with molybdenum have other advantages, and molybdenum steels are highly resistant to corrosion and are used in stainless steel alloys for greater protection. This alloy is also easy to weld, making it particularly versatile. It is only slightly denser than iron and much lighter than tungsten, which means that molybdenum can provide strength without much change in weight.

Most molybdenum alloys contain molybdenum from 0.25% to 8%, and many nickel- and titanium-based steel alloys also include molybdenum. Before the 20th century, tungsten was most commonly used to make steel alloys. In the late 19th century, researchers began experimenting with the lighter element molybdenum, with good results. A French company called Schneider & Co. used molybdenum alloy to produce armor coatings in 1891, becoming the world's first manufacturer of molybdenum steel.

Modern industry continues to exploit the properties of this alloy. Molybdenum steel is used to make giant structural beams in the construction industry and tiny wires for electronic equipment. Components for furnaces and turbines, automotive components, aircraft components, and heavy machinery components such as bearings and molds are made from these alloys. Molybdenum-containing stainless steels are used throughout the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food manufacturing, restaurant and catering industries, and anywhere else where hygiene concerns and sterile surfaces are required.

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