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Molybdenum Alloys for Aerospace Parts

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The largest consumption of molybdenum in the steel industry is mainly used to produce alloy steel (about 43% of the total steel consumption of molybdenum), stainless steel (about 23%), tool steel and high-speed steel (about 8%), cast iron and Roller (about 6%). Most of the molybdenum is directly used in steelmaking or cast iron after industrial molybdenum briquetting, and a small part is first smelted into ferromolybdenum and then used in steelmaking.

Molybdenum as an alloying element of steel has the following advantages: improving the strength and toughness of steel; improving the corrosion resistance of steel in acid and alkali solutions and liquid metals; improving the wear resistance of steel; improving the hardenability, weldability and resistance of steel Hot sex. For example, stainless steel with a molybdenum content of 4% -5% is often used in places with severe erosion and corrosion such as marine equipment and chemical equipment.

Molybdenum-copper alloys are used in the aerospace field. Molybdenum is used as a matrix and other elements (such as titanium, zirconium, hafnium, tungsten, and rare earth elements) are added to form non-ferrous alloys. These alloy elements not only play a solid solution to strengthen the molybdenum alloy and maintain low temperature plasticity Effect, and can also form a stable, dispersedly distributed carbide phase, increasing the strength and recrystallization temperature of the alloy.

Molybdenum-based alloys are used for high heating elements, extrusion tools, glass melting furnace electrodes, spray coatings, metal working tools, spacecraft parts, etc. due to their good strength, mechanical stability, and high ductility.

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