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Medical Tungsten Alloy Radiation Protection Box

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Medical tungsten alloy radiation protection box refers to a type of protective container made of high-quality tungsten based alloy for storage and transportation of medical radioactive sources, which has more excellent X-ray absorption performance and gamma ray absorption performance than a lead box. More importantly, medical tungsten alloy radiation protection box is non-toxic and non-polluting, while lead is a toxic heavy metal.

Medical tungsten alloy radiation protection box also has the characteristics of water proofing, dust proofing, rust proofing, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, extreme temperature resistance, smoothness, uniform thickness and durability. So it is suitable for storing and transporting radionuclide or radionuclide-labeled drugs required for nuclear medicine imaging examination (Usually, they have been put into tungsten alloy containers.). It may be used in operating rooms, radiotherapy rooms, nuclear medicine laboratories, etc.

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