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Production Method of Molybdenum-based Alloy (TZM)

In order to make up for the poor high temperature strength and low oxidation resistance of pure molybdenum alloy, producers often dope appropriate amount of additives such as zirconium hydride, yttrium oxide and cerium oxide in their production process

07/ 23 / 2022
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Molybdenum Production Method

The production methods of molybdenum mainly include the production methods of molybdenum powder and molybdenum products.The common production methods of molybdenum powder include reduction method, hydroxyl thermal decomposition method and molybdenum chloride pyrolysis method.

12/ 27 / 2021
China is the Main Driver of Global Molybdenum Production and Consumption Growth

China is still the world's largest molybdenum producer. China's molybdenum output in the second quarter of 2019 was 230,42 tons, a decrease of 1% from the previous month and a 2% increase from the same period last year.

11/ 20 / 2019
Peru's molybdenum production declined in 2018

According to statistics from the Peruvian Ministry of Mines and Mines, due to factors such as aging of mines, declining mining grades and strikes by miners, the production of major metals in Peru declined in 2018.

02/ 19 / 2019
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