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What You Should Know About Cemented Carbide Tools?

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Reasons for few cutting edges

The main problem that may occur during the milling process is the possibility that chips may choke the tool. If a milling cutter is finally choked, it cannot carry out chips any more and the feeding force of the spindle will break it. This happens - depending on the material - in most cases long before the cutting edges are worn out. So the main question is where to put the chips. "To the to resp. to the back" is usually the answer (except left-hand twist cutters). However, a certain space is necessary to move the chips along the "body" of the cutter. A comparison of the cross section of different types shows clearly that the single tooth cutter offers the largest open space (size of the grove for chips) and that this space is reduced with increasing number of cutting edges. It is easier for a milling cutter with few cutting edges to dip into the material. For working on material which is used mainly for sign making like synthetic material, wood and non-iron metals, the single tooth cutter has certain advantages. The danger that the cutting edges may erode is not as serious as the problem that the cutter may get choked.

Reasons for more cutting edges

The cutting edge is the working part of the tool. The more cutting edges a tool has, the more cutting edges share the tool erosion, thus the life of the tool is longer. A milling cutter that has two or more cutting edges runs more true than a milling cutter with just one cutting edge. Due to the larger cross section of the multiple teeth cutter, more heat is transported to the collet chuck. This is especially helpful if there is no other way of cooling. The more cutting edges there are, the smaller the chips become, so you will get smoother surfaces. A double tooth cutter is suitable especially for working on very hard synthetic material and harder aluminum types. We recommend triple tooth cutters especially for very hard non-iron metals and iron work-pieces.

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