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Molybdenum and Nickel-Based Alloys

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Molybdenum, with the chemical symbol Mo, is a silver-white plastic metal and a rare metal. It can improve the thermal strength and corrosion resistance of non-ferrous metal alloys and is an important element of non-ferrous metal alloys. In non-ferrous metal alloys, molybdenum forms various alloys with metals such as nickel, cobalt, niobium, aluminum and titanium. These molybdenum alloys are used in the electronics, electrical and mechanical industries to make filaments and tube parts for light bulbs;

It can also be used to manufacture electromagnetic electrical contacts, gas engine blades, valve protection devices, and electric furnace resistors and other parts.

Nickel-based alloys generally contain metal molybdenum, which contains more molybdenum than other alloys. Due to the large atomic radius of molybdenum, the crystal lattice undergoes large distortion after solid solution, which significantly strengthens the alloy matrix and improves the high temperature strength and red hardness of the matrix; it can cut off and reduce the network structure in the coating; improve the resistance to cavitation and erosion erosive ability. Adding 15% to 30% molybdenum can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of nickel-based alloys, especially in non-oxidizing media. Containing 3% to 10% molybdenum can significantly improve the thermal strength of nickel-based high alloys. The nickel-based alloy with 18% still has good strength at 1 093 ℃, and the corrosion resistance of this alloy to oxidizing and non-oxidizing media is also very good. A nickel-based alloy containing 13% to 18% molybdenum developed in the United States has high yield strength and moderate ductility and wear resistance. This alloy can be used to make centrifuge shafts and equipment such as marine transportation.

The use of molybdenum can improve the thermal strength and corrosion resistance of nickel-based alloys, and the use of nickel-based alloys can not only reduce the use of molybdenum, but also protect molybdenum resources to a certain extent.

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