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Molybdenum Chemical Market Price Keeps Steady in May

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-05-22      Origin: Chinese ferroalloy spot network

According to Chinese ferroalloy spot network, the molybdenum chemical market got more pressure this week due to the falling prices of raw materials. However, due to the impact of the coming new policy to molybdenum market, the price for molybdenum chemical is weakly steady. At the same time, due to the approaching holidays, businesses operating willingness is not strong for lower profit orders.
Domestic molybdenum rod quoted in the mainstream 260-270 yuan / kg, the market still continues a steady trend and recent market transactions of molybdenum powder stabilized. In May the market supply is likely to be more comfortable and the price also initially appeared rational signs of decline, which to a certain extent, limits the mass production of molybdenum rod. Furthermore downstream molybdenum wire and molybdenum shaped pieces keep long-term in order to sell on behalf of the production model while the demand for molybdenum rods remained stable trend. In this case, molybdenum rod market sales will continue to maintain a steady walk.
In the beginning of this month, although the relative concentration of end-consumer, but the steel makers didn’t get a satisfied price with the bidding. This situation exacerbated the industry sentiment. Production business inventories hold their stocks for the raw materials and do not have passion to buy more. The overall market turnover is not active, cargo holders’ confidence is complicated.

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