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Ministry Will Pay Close Attention to Rare Earths, Tungsten, Molybdenum Tax Reform

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MIIT recently released "2015 industrial restructuring and development of raw material points" made in 2015, to continue to implement the innovation-driven strategy, efforts to resolve the outstanding problems limiting raw material industry scientific development. Particular should be made to coordinate the organization of iron ore industry long-term development planning work, examining the adjustment of domestic iron ore mines tax policy, drawing on international mining country practices, promote domestic mines burdens.
In resolving the excess capacity, the "points" made strictly prohibited in any name for the record as steel, aluminum, cement and flat glass industry new capacity projects. Encourage steel, aluminum, cement, plate glass, fertilizers and tires excellent companies to carry out mergers and acquisitions, create a number of market influence, strong core competitiveness of large enterprise groups. Support qualified steel, nonferrous metals, building materials and other enterprises to establish a resource extraction, smelting and deep processing base overseas.
Strengthening macroeconomic restructuring and development guidance, "points" proposed restructuring and development of the iron and steel industry to formulate an action plan to implement the relevant supporting policies and measures. Coordinating iron ore industry long-term development planning work. Raw materials, key industries, "Thirteen Five" major issues in planning and coal chemical research carried out. Amend the conditions of the steel industry norms and management practices, as well as lead, zinc, tungsten, tin industry standard conditions, construction specifications integrated iron and steel enterprise information database. Promote the development of release of aluminum, glass fiber and composite materials, lime and sand the healthy development of the industry guidance.
Strengthen strategic resource management, "points" should be made to further crack down on illegal behavior of rare earth, accelerate the construction of a large group of rare earth, rare earth before the end of 2015, six major groups integrate all of the country to complete the separation of rare earth mining and smelting enterprises to achieve asset substantial restructuring ties. Strictly control new rare earth mining and smelting separation project, strict total rare earth tungsten, fluorite production control program management. RE formulated product packaging, labeling, transportation and storage national mandatory standards and specifications of rare earth exports.
"Points" is also proposed to seize the introduction of rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum resource tax reform program. Accelerate the introduction of "Rare Management Regulations", the synchronization details of implementation. Amendment "RE mandatory production plan management approach", "rare earth industry access." Adjustment specification metals, fluorite production plan issued way, discover issued paratungstate smelting production targets.
"The point," stressed the need to strengthen the iron ore resources and support. Support reserves, high production levels, energy saving and medium-sized iron mine construction in line with national requirements, the ability to maintain a steady supply. Research adjustment of domestic iron ore mines tax policy, drawing on international mining country practice, promote domestic mines burdens. Continue to enhance the domestic spot platform, iron ore futures, China's iron ore price index for iron ore market influence, promote the establishment of a fair and impartial iron ore pricing mechanism.
In promoting the integration of two of the depth, the "points" made to carry out intelligent plant, digital mine, things develop pilot demonstration in the petrochemical industry, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials and other fields, and actively promote to improve safety management, emergency rescue, and public service capacity the wisdom of the target chemical raw materials such as intelligent manufacturing park pilot demonstration areas. Relying on six major Rare Earth Group, the construction of the rare earth mining regulatory system. Research on the use of rare earth products, packaging and labeling coding, production accounting, rare special tax invoices, export statistical data and other information, the construction of rare earth products traceability system, the exploitation of rare earth products, the production and distribution process monitoring.

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