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MIT Develops Molybdenum-containing Capacity Lithium Battery

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In recent years, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and China have developed a capacity-type lithium battery containing molybdenum material, which has higher weight energy density and volumetric energy density than conventional commercial batteries. Significantly extend the use of electrical equipment.

According to relevant personnel, the researchers mainly designed a new type of "mixed" cathode material, which is called molybdenum sulfide and pure sulfur in the Chevrel phase. This high energy density cathode material is as explosive and fast as the TNT. In addition, its conductivity is relatively high, which is conducive to the movement of charged particles inside the material, while reducing the need for carbon, only about 10% of carbon.

Industry insiders point out that current lithium-ion batteries have an energy density of about 250 watt-hours per kilogram and 700 watt-hours per liter, while lithium-sulfur batteries can reach up to 400 watt-hours per kilogram, but only 400 watt-hours per liter. The capacity-type lithium battery containing molybdenum has not been optimized, and has reached more than 360 watt-hours per kilogram and 581 watt-hours per liter. It can be speculated that this new battery can beat the ordinary battery in terms of capacity.

The current molybdenum sulfide is mainly molybdenum disulfide, and its chemical formula is MoS2. It is a black solid powder with metallic luster, melting point of 1185 ° C, density of 4.80 g / cm 3 (14 ° C), Mohs hardness of 1.0 ~ 1.5. In addition to being used as an electrode material, it has the following applications: 1. As an important solid lubricant, it is suitable for high temperature and high pressure; 2. As a friction material, the main function is to reduce friction at low temperature and increase friction at high temperature. Small loss, easy to volatilize in friction materials; 3, as a new material for the preparation of transistors.

In short, molybdenum disulfide can improve the quality of related equipment whether it is used as an electrode material or other materials.

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