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Global Molybdenum Mine Distribution and Molybdenum Market

Views: 14     Author: Tungsten China     Publish Time: 2015-09-11      Origin: Tungsten China

According to the US Geological Survey in 2015 released data, in 2014 the world's molybdenum mine production was 26.6 million tons, which has risen 3% than 258,000 tons in 2013. China is the largest producer of molybdenum ore. Molybdenum production in 2014 was 100,000 tons, accounting for 38% of global output. In 2014 the US Minerals amount of the molybdenum was 6.55 million tons, ranking second. Chile (39,000 tons) and Peru (18,100 tons) were ranked third and fourth. In addition, other main molybdenum mine producing countries: Mexico (11,000 tons), Canada (09,500 tons), Armenia (06,700 tons), Iran (06,300 tons), Russia (04,800 tons), Turkey (02,800 tons ), Mongolia (02,000 tons) and Uzbekistan (0.055 tons).
World’s major molybdenum consuming countries (regions) are: Western Europe, the United States, Japan, China etc..
Major molybdenum products exporters: United States, the Netherlands, China, Canada, Japan, Australia and so on.
Major molybdenum products importers: the United States, Japan, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, Chile, Mexico and so on.

As per the recent datas, China is still the leading supplier of molybdenum in the world.  

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