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China's Carbide Cutting Tool Development

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China has become the world's most development potential of the tool market, and many multinational tool group is also post-crisis era of development strategy, without exception, to expand the sales of tools in China as the first choice, the company's Asia-Pacific headquarters, research and development Centers, training centers, logistics centers, etc. have settled in China, so as to China as the center of radiation in Asia, more direct and convenient to serve customers, to better meet the special needs of customers in the Asia-Pacific region. 

International Mold and Hardware Plastic Industry Supplier Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui analysis, the reason why the Chinese market will be so much attention, the main reason is that China's market share in its global market share in the proportion of growing.

At present, China's tool enterprises through continuous learning and strategic planning, has occupied half of the market, but enterprises in the development process or highlights a few fatal problems, if attention is not enough, improperly handled, will seriously affect the business The development and progress.

At this stage, carbide cutting tools in the developed countries accounted for the dominant type of tool, the proportion of up to 70%. While high-speed steel cutting tools are being 1% to 2% per year rate of reduction, the proportion has dropped to below 30%.

At the same time, carbide cutting tools in China has also become the main tool for processing enterprises, is widely used in automobile and parts production, mold manufacturing, aerospace and other heavy industry, but China's tool enterprises are blindly, Production of high-speed steel knife and some low-grade standard tool, did not take into account the market saturation and business needs, and ultimately with high value-added, high-tech content in the high-end tool market "hand over" to foreign companies.

Data show that China's current annual sales of cutting tools is about 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of carbide cutting tools less than 25%, but the domestic manufacturing needs of carbide cutting tools have occupied more than 50% of the tool, which Blind production has been seriously unable to meet the domestic manufacturing industry on the growing demand for carbide cutting tools, thus forming a high-end market in a vacuum state, and ultimately occupied by foreign companies.

In 2007, China's production of 16,500 tons of cemented carbide, there are 4,500 tons for cutting tool production, the number and Japan quite. But the value of the tool after the only 800 million US dollars, far less than Japan's 2.5 billion US dollars, which fully shows that the overall level of domestic carbide cutting tools and foreign production is still a considerable gap. Therefore, in the domestic enterprises can not meet the needs of the market under the premise of the manufacturing needs will have to rely on a large number of imports to solve.

Major foreign investors in China in the high-end tool market sales growth rate of 30%, has exceeded the average annual growth level of domestic cutting tools.

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