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Carbide Products Adds More Values to Tungsten

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-05-25      Origin: China Nonferrous Metal Network

Ministry of Industry published the "2014 China's nonferrous metals industry analysis and 2015 Prospect", which points that to improve management of rare metals. Promote the introduction of "rare Regulations"; adjust the way of issueing rare mandatory production plan, exploring issued ammonium paratungstate smelting production targets; research-driven tungsten, molybdenum resource tax reform.
Current price for tungsten is in the low position. Since 2014, subject to the end-market downturn, tungsten concentrates and ammonium paratungstate (APT) prices have been declining and now has been in the relative level of the bottom. In case there’s quota to tungsten mines, if APT (ammonium paratungstate) subject to quota control, that will be another benefit to tungsten smelting agents after more than 10 year. Supply-side crunch expected rebound is expected to significantly stimulate the price of tungsten.
Tungsten tool industry is the high end of tungsten industry value. Tungsten industry chain mainly in downstream value added carbide field. From the initial raw ore powder to metal powder, the value is about three times added; from concentrate to ordinary carbide powder, product value added about 6 times; CNC indexable inserts made from ore powder and other high-end carbide products, value of the products added for more than 15 times or 30 times.

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