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Advanced modern and efficient tool to become mainstream

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Domestic manufacturing industry with high-speed and efficient CNC machine tools and machining centers is rapidly increasing, which requires a lot of advanced and efficient tool. Advanced modern and efficient tool in the future will gradually become the mainstream market. Although there are some advanced machinery factory and tools plants proposed to supply certain high advanced and efficient tools, but due to lack of mental preparation and technical tools, they  failed to meet the request of PVD coating supply.
Titanium aluminum nitride with high aluminum content is easily formed on the surface of alumina in the dura. This layer of titanium aluminum nitride oxide film can dura ceramic oxidation resistance to temperature of 923 degrees Celsius, which can protect the tungsten carbide inserts cutting edge from oxidation and to maintain high temperature hardness. However, although titanium nitride and titanium carbonitride can form high temperature oxide film on the titanium dioxide, but it is not easy to mount the chip on the dura mater and with the peel, the lack of protection of the dura mater, rapid oxidation, degradation. Therefore, whether high or low surface treatment coating must select the appropriate substrate and heat stability, combined with finely ground fine polishing of the surface pre-treatment, in order perfected.
Ultra-high temperature resin bond diamond wheel has lower machining efficiency than METROX wheel. As the wheel combined with high strength, short production cycle and low cost, especially the tool edge chipping is not easily caused during the grinding, and according to the requirements it can be molded to different complex shapes, this product has been widely used for a long term. And how to impove the grinding performance of such diamond wheel has become an important job.
Due to rapid development of design, manufacturing and application technologies, and the increasing production of cutting tools, nowadays the Ultra-high temperature resin bond diamond wheel still can not completely meet the requirement of mass production of tools. Both the quantity and quality have much room for development. Right now a famous Chinese manufacturer is reaserching how to improve the grinding performance, especially the wear resisntance to the binder etc. As showed in their testing result, the improved product has 20% higher grinding efficiency and 50% longer use life than before.
Currently the production of tools can not meet the market demand. For example, great demand gap for tungsten carbide tools and high efficiency tools VS overproduction of HSS tools and low-level standard tools. In most developed countries, tungsten carbide tools have dominated 70% of the tool market, while production of HSS tools reduces 1%-2% every year and now it only has less than 30% market. There’s also 3% marked for super hardness tools such as diamond and CBN etc. 

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