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X-ray Protection Tungsten Alloy Baffle

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X-ray protection tungsten alloy baffle refers to a tungsten alloy plate made of tungsten-nickel-iron alloy or tungsten-nickel-copper alloy, and its X-ray protection effect is better than that of traditional lead block. Moreover, its smaller size is more suitable for the current development trend of miniaturization of medical devices. In addition, the tungsten alloy anti-radiation material will not produce bremsstrahlung, so the prepared baffle will not produce radiation pollution, will not affect the treatment results, and will not cause damage to normal tissues.

Why are tungsten alloy baffles used to replace traditional lead stoppers? This is because both lead and lead-containing low melting point alloys are composed of heavy metal elements. During the radiation process, electrons will generate a large amount of bremsstrahlung in the heavy metal layer, and the photons generated will affect the results of treatment or diagnosis, and affect human health. Bremsstrahlung radiation, also known as brake radiation, generally refers to the radiation emitted by the sudden deceleration when charged particles collide with atoms or atomic nuclei. Therefore, the X-ray protection tungsten alloy baffle will have a broader development prospect in the future.

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